Service Spotlight: Enfrastructure Services™ (Part 1)

It’s our final Service Spotlight but one that deserves the attention. Enfrastructure Services™ is where some true customization and personalized business solutions can come into play.

With expertise in network architecture, virtualization, security and storage our team of senior technical consultants works with you to deliver the solution that best suits your organization.

There is a lot to discuss, so let’s jump right in and take a look at some of the different projects and work that fall into this service bucket.

Network Architecture + Support

When an architect makes plans, they consider everything from room size to where the light switch will go. That’s kind of what we do when designing your network architecture. We take a holistic approach, considering what your network currently looks like and what might be needed in a new one. Once needs are known, we can design a business and/or data center network to support those needs.

Virtualization (VMware + Hyper-V) & Server Migrations + Moves

Your server is 5, 6, 7 years old and no longer supported? Time for a new one! We can help get you moved to a new one, upgrading that old server and network infrastructure. Moving premises? We can help with that too.
This includes Virtualization – taking physical servers and converting them to virtual ones. Whether working to consolidate, migrate between hypervisors or configuring hyper-converged environments, we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Microsoft Office365 & Active Directory Services

When you’re ready for Office365, Envision IT Partners conducts an end-to-end migration using a comprehensive migration platform that provides a seamless, and in many cases hands-off, experience for our clients.
When it comes to your Active Directory, we’ll perform health and consistency checks, remediation for malfunctioning systems, auditing, documentation of environments, cloud integration and directory synchronization – connecting your users with tools such as Office365, SalesForce and Azur.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

This is a big one that many don’t see the need for, but we do. I know a whole lot of people who were happy to have their car insurance when a disastrous hailstorm hit a few months ago, and that’s exactly what this is – insurance.
Our senior engineers will sit down with you and develop a broad plan based on your business requirements. It will including things such as understanding what assets are critical and when and how new IT assets can be set up to get business running in the event of a disaster.

Two very important pieces of the plan are developing recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.

  • Recovery time objectives look at the longest amount of time your business can be down – 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 week?
  • Recovery point objectives look at the farthest back you can go from a data prospective that allows you to keep working. Depending on your business, it may be that you need to be able to access data from seconds before the disaster or it could be the last hour or 2 before.

These plans are very personal to your business and having a trusted partner to work with you in developing one can make all the difference.

We’ve touched on a lot so far and there is even more to go! We’ll cover the remaining four pieces of our Enfrastructure Services™ in next months blog – stay tuned!

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