Flexible IT Infrastructure, Because Businesses Change

Over time any business will face changing circumstances. Whether that means maturing to account for new growth, adapting to meet new regulatory requirements, or attempting to mitigate the risks from constantly changing new security threats, all businesses need to be able to meet the challenges presented by change.

With the ubiquitous role that IT plays within businesses, it is crucial that you have a partner that can help you meet and negotiate these challenges. An IT infrastructure should be flexible and scalable enough to adapt to business changes so that the IT infrastructure can support all of the business needs. However, sometimes IT infrastructures do not look so adaptable, and when this is the case a change needs to be made so that the infrastructure is an asset to the company and not a black hole where money disappears month after month.

At Envision IT Partners we work with our clients closely to understand what their business needs are and how they are changing. We then develop IT infrastructure solutions that are tailored to meet those needs. Too often technical solutions are shoehorned into place to solve a misunderstood problem without taking into account the broader business climate and overall organizational needs and goals. Because of this, the solution generally ends up being underutilized and is usually wasted money in the long run.

Envision IT Partners works with our clients crafting Microsoft based infrastructure solutions to meet many needs, including:

  • Migrating and supporting email in Microsoft Office 365
  • Design and development of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Development of an organizational security framework and policy development
  • Analyzing readiness for and developing Cloud Hybrid solutions including Active Directory Federation Services
  • Implementing Microsoft Virtualization solutions to achieve on premise high availability of network resources
  • Network design
  • Server replacement and migration from legacy systems
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) implementations
  • Workstation refresh

Engaging your “project partner” in your business planning is crucial in making sure you have the budgetary leeway and proper planning in place with which to address your IT needs. Envision IT Partners can provide this expertise and acumen to help you plan and implement a broad variety of solutions based on your organizational needs. With the proper planning and partnership, you can be prepared to meet any changes or challenges this year (or the next) may throw at you.



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