Service Spotlight: EnforceIT™

Last month we dove into our cornerstone service, EncompassIT Managed Service.  We’ll continue to take a deeper dive into what it is we do this month as we break down EnforceIT™.

What it is

EnforceIT™ delivers a complete, managed security solution that protects your organization.  Essentially, this is one of the ‘cyber security’ pieces of the puzzle.

This is your next generation firewall, purpose-built for highly dynamic and security-critical network environments.  It’s the first line of defense between the internet and your computer providing malware protection, intrusion detection + prevention as well as security compliance.

EnforceIT™ allows for secure remote access to your network, maintains a backup of firewall configuration, includes same day replacement of failed equipment and the option to add content filtering to help keep your employees workstations intrusion free (and on task!).

Through EnforceIT™, our certified engineers configure, manage, monitor and support your network security.  Just like with EncompassIT, they are there to provide a prompt response to any issues that may arise.


While that’s a nice list of features, the true benefit lies in your peace of mind and increased productivity.  With EnforceIT™, you gain more knowledge about what’s coming into your network.  Coupled with protection and prevention from intrusion (malware or hacks) means less downtime, less loss of information and more time for your employees to do what they do best.


Have questions?  Want to know more?  Get in touch!  We’d love to talk to you.  Every company needs to have a security solution so if you don’t have one – or you’re unsure about it – now is the time to put the right solution in place.

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