Tech Trends & Topics to Watch in 2017

Tech has always moved fast but it seems like it’s moving faster than ever.  Whether it’s self-driving cars or email hack attacks – the landscape is ever evolving.  Trying to predict what is to come is futile, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be diligent and stay aware of changes as they occur.

Here are some of our predictions for topics you’ll hear more about in 2017…

#1. The Cloud: It’s huge.

There is a LOT of talk about the cloud and it’s not slowing down.

More and more companies are seeing the need to increase agility and cost will become less of a leading driver.  This includes wanting less infrastructure on-site and meeting a need for regulatory compliance in certain industries.

While there are many large cloud providers, companies still feel the need for smaller regional and local teams, servicing unique client requests, assisting with migrating current solutions and allowing for a customized approach to cloud infrastructure models.

Because the cloud and hybrid infrastructure adoption pose unknown security challenges, CIOs must prevent zero-day exploits, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and other cyber-crimes by adopting breakthrough technologies.  Which brings us to our next point…

#2. Security Remains a Top Priority

Cyber security is becoming a fundamental business need and companies are spending more on sensitive data protection and regulatory compliance.  The median spend in 2016 was predicted to be about 7-9% of the total IT budget and 2017 brings plans to increase that.  Organizations should plan to spend at least this much to put proper technology in place and work with third-party professionals as needed.

Training staff is incredibly important.  This is a time and financial investment but crucial to overall security success. Everyone who works for the company has a responsibility to know how to properly handle and manage data.  This includes managing IoT (internet of things) – what is being used or brought into the workplace.

We may start to see more two-step sign on implemented to combat weak passwords.

#3. Artificial Intelligence.

I know, you don’t think this will affect your business and it might not… yet.  But we had to include it on the list.  AI talk is everywhere and you’ve probably been exposed to it more than you know.  It can help with data analysis, record meetings and even book your hotel room through chat which can start to mesh into security, privacy and more… Don’t worry – we are all still real people over hear at Envision IT Partners, but this is a trend that is just getting started.

(If you’d like to take a look at a really comprehensive report on all things trending in 2017, you can click here to download – AI is top of the list in every industry, pretty crazy!)


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