Service Spotlight: EncompassIT | Breaking It Down

What is EncompassIT™ Managed Service?  What do I really get?  This is a question we’ve heard numerous times, so today we’re going to break it down.

EncompassIT™ Managed Service is complete IT Monitoring, Management and Support for your company’s IT Infrastructure including your server(s), network and employee workstations.  It delivers technical support, monitoring and reporting, proactive management and a virtual CIO, working in unison with your team every step of the way.

Technical Support

With EncompassIT™, all employees have unlimited access to our technical support team, or HelpDesk.  Whether it’s an issue with Microsoft Word, recovering an email, forgetting a password, or any other number of things we encounter on a day to day basis, a simple email to the HelpDesk creates a ticket prompting a tech team member to get in touch.  Can’t email?  Just give us a call!

Once we know about the problem we can help fix it.  We use a remote access system allowing our team to access your computer and fix your problem quickly and efficiently.  We never access a system without permission.

Monitoring + Reporting

24/7/365 – you read that right.  With software in place, EncompassIT™ monitors what’s happening in your network environment at all times.  Alerts are set up which notify us if there are any abnormalities and there is always a tech on-call in the event of an issue.  Having this monitoring in place allows for health and issue reporting, both of which help to keep your infrastructure running at its highest potential, eliminating costly downtime.

Proactive Management

Along with constant monitoring, EncompassIT™ manages all updates and patches including Antivirus and Malware protection.  We perform preventative maintenance – meaning we keep things up to date and anticipate needs before they become a problem.

There is a reason we ask all our clients not to shut down their computers at night (rather just restart or lock them!) and that is because in the evening is when all of our maintenance takes place.  We stay out of your way during work hours and keep updates behind the scenes, again eliminating any downtime updates would take in the middle of the day.

Virtual CIO

One of the most important parts of IT is strategy and planning.  You do this for all other parts of your business and IT should be no different.  When working with Envision IT Partners on the EncompassIT™ service, we help to plan and make recommendations for any upcoming needs to ensure your making the right choice for your network and infrastructure.  Quarterly meetings are held to check in on progress, touch base on any upcoming needs, report on user activity, downtime, and more.

Ultimately we try to be as much as part of your team as any internal department, working collaboratively and with the company’s best IT interests in mind.

While EncompassIT is a great starting point, there are a number of other services that help make EncompassIT even better – we’ll take a deeper dive into EnforceIT™, EnstoreIT™, EnableIT™, and our Enfrastructure Services™ coming up!


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