Case Study: Meritech




meritech-situationThe only manufacturer in the world offering a fully automated, touch free hand wash technology – the patented CleanTech System – encountered an IT situation. The problem for Meritech was the lack of IT personnel to help the company plan for and manage their IT effectively.

As Paul Barnill, COO of Meritech explained “At first I was the IT guy. Any issue that came up had to come through me first, but as we grew that certainly wasn’t where I needed to be spending my time”. When Paul found himself spending more time on IT issues even with an outside IT vendor, it was clear Meritch needed a different solution.

meritech-solutionA mutual business colleague introduced Meritech to Envision IT Partners in 2013 and soon after Meritech signed up for the company’s EncompassIT™ Managed Service, delegating its IT management and support to the Envision IT team. EncompassIT™ covers all monitoring, management and support of the systems and users on their network including servers, work stations, backups, firewalls, preventive maintenance, and a Virtual CIO function for strategic purposes. Jim Glenn recalls, “Some of the first things they did were upgrade our server and reconfigure our email which were massive upgrades to the way we are able to function as a business.”

Very quickly, Meritech found out just how much value they were getting. “The economics are great. Really the value we get for what we pay is phenomenal” said Jim Glenn, CEO of Meritech. This support has not only improved productivity, but the simple, streamlined process has freed up 40% of Paul’s time to do the engineering work that will help drive the future growth of the company. His team is able to contact the Envision IT Partners Helpdesk at any time, where the techs can log-in remotely to resolve issues.

meritech-benefitsImmediate support brings Meritech peace of mind and increased productivity for their team. “The Envision IT techs are really good about working with users with various skill levels which allows internal staff to focus on their own jobs.” They are now able to stay ahead of issues and be proactive when it comes to things like hardware with weekly and monthly health reporting.

Strategically “We want a partner that is advising,” said Paul “Envision IT helps guide our IT decision-making. No matter how fast we grow or what additional capabilities we want to add from the IT side, we know that Envision IT Partners has the skills and the resources to support us.” Just as Meritech has helped thousands of companies demonstrate their commitment to the highest level of employee hygiene in the most demanding environments, they are happy their IT Partner is just as committed to their IT Support.