Cyber Security eBook

How are you getting hacked.  What are you doing about it?

In many businesses cyber security is often a misunderstood topic. Given the current business climate, and the seemingly unending news of cyber security attacks and breaches, it sometimes seems strange that the simple question still needs to be asked:

Why do you need to know about cyber security?

Cyber security at its root is about protecting your computer-based equipment and information from unintended or unauthorized access, change, theft or destruction.  But even more than that, good cyber security can enhance the reputation of your business and open up new commercial opportunities.

Unfortunately you can never be totally safe, but most online attacks can be prevented or detected with basic security practices for your staff, processes and IT systems. These security practices are as important as locking your doors or putting your cash in a safe.

One of the major things you can begin doing is to take a risk management approach to how you look at cyber security and understand the risks to your business.

This whitepaper details 4 major steps organizations should be constantly cycling through on a yearly basis (or more often) to answer this question:

1. Define and Understand

How to think about the problem of cyber security and what the risks may be to your business

2. Focus on the planning aspect of business risk management

Ensuring a strategy and roadmap exists in line with your business goals to tackle cyber security

3. Implementation

It’s time to take action by putting in place measures to mitigate risk

4. Review

Ongoing review of plans and measures to ensure efficacy

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